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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported that the director of the famous German sports goods manufacturer Adidas Stamminger recently told the German "Economic Weekly" said, Adidas plans to 2010 will increase to 1 billion euros in Chinese sales, and achieve extraordinary growth in the global market, to catch up with competitors in the United States, Nike has become the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer. Stamminger believe that this World Cup will be held on the already hot global football market add engine, the potential market is worth more than the estimated three billion euros, reaching 4 billion euros or more. China and the United States, its football market are in nascent stages. In the United States, up to 18 million football fans, and favored by more and more young people. Chinese and Japanese football market is in the ascendant. Adidas's sales in China in recent years has shown double-digit growth until 2008, only the Adidas brand sales will reach 1 billion euros. Adidas's Reebok brand has 500 stores in China, and huge development potential. Stamminger believes that at the current pace of development, China and Japan to 2010 will become the world's second-largest and third largest sporting goods market after the United States ranked. Adidas jordans on sale mens is expected to take the popular football market soon surpass Nike. "the company has according to the applicant's birthday date of registration time." Yesterday, Mr Ma said readers to this call. The reporter understands, the first to enter the Beijing German footwear retail enterprises will recruit 5000 employees in Beijing, applicants worry too much, just make this rule. yesterday, the reporter saw a "date of birth registration schedule" in the German company's website, the table shows the scene registration time is from May 10th to June 20th, but the applicant's registration time but also according to their birth date. According to this schedule, May 10th was born on the 10 of every month the crowd began to sign up to date, and so on, 1 born candidates to register for the June 1st to the scene, the different birth date candidate registration deadline for June 20th. Applicants have to reflect, they are first heard of the employing units to date of birth registration time arrangement. candidates also told reporters that the company says its treatment of workers is 4 times of the same industry, also let people have some doubts, "shoemaker salary workers have 60 thousand yuan, higher wages that we really can't believe." the reporter found this will open in August in Xizhim cheap air jordans en, Germany City transit hub building. The store posted a large hall "recruiting 5000 employees", "give you 4 times treatment" slogan and company profiles, May 10th recruitment will be ready. Posted on the wall of the wages show each post salary standard is higher than the industry level of 3 to 4 times. city planning department manager Tang told reporters that the company intends to open 3 stores in Beijing this year, the zoo is the first shop, a total plan to recruit 5000 employees, due to the large number of recruitment, in order to ensure the safety of the registration site, decided to split candidates for date of birth. The candidates on the date specified on the resume at the scene, all after registration notice examination, merit. He explained that the recruitment notices posted on the salary of each post is the minimum annual salary of employees, a month can get extra benefits, hope to improve the whole industry "shoe wages through the move." (Editor: admin) Fujian entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of the latest "drawn up by the shoe fit evaluation method" and "footwear motion control capability evaluation method" two standards, 18, approved by the State Ministry of industry and Chinese shoemaking Standardization Committee organization. experts believe that as Cheap foamposites for sale a standard method for evaluating footwear comfort performance, these two standards will accelerate the Chinese footwear from China manufacturing to create China across process, accelerate the pace of shoe-making power. : China is the world's largest producer and exporter of shoes; exports about 7000000000 pairs of shoes, the value of $36 billion. Due to lack of core technology Chinese footwear footwear design and development, the lack of technology competition strength, export price remained in the low price, the footwear industry homogeneity is difficult to get out of the vicious circle of price competition. comfort and function of development technology is the key technology in the international footwear and footwear, fitting and motion control ability is a very important technology project. Fujian entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau said that these two standards reached the international advanced level, higher than the existing standards in Europe and america. according to reports, the two standards at home and abroad to absorb shoe-making enterprises experience in product design, integrated geometry, ankle anatomy and biomechanics and other aspects of knowledge and research results, to determine a reasonable representation item fit and motion cont Cheap foamposites for sale rol ability; use on investigation of foot plantar pressure measurement, 3D scanning, 3D motion capture analysis and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation technologies and methods, the shoe fitting and motion control ability of abstract comfort concept with quantitative way, in the technical content and means were significantly higher than those in Europe and the United States existing standards. (Editor: admin)Nike launched the 2011 spring and summer new running shoes Nike Air Presto Anti-Fur. In recent years, Nike seems to be keen to redesign some of the classic shoes of 90s and have achieved good results. Today we bring to you the Nike 11 years of spring and summer shoes Air Presto Anti-Fur is Air Presto for the 90s classic shoes uppers and soles have been re designed, these changes make the original retro flavor of Air Presto adds a modern sense. The TPU material that extends from the side to the heel of the shoe provides additional support as well as the overall appearance of the shoe. This running shoe has come out with 3 colors. recently, Foot Locker has released a "Premium Player Pack" Zoom LeBron Soldier 8 series, which contains three different versions of the Zoom LeBron Soldier 8, its most notable feature is the use of a large area of decorative ink. Unfortunately, these shoes have not been jordan 3 katrina 2018 officially released by Nike. If a friend likes it, you can go to Foot Locker to see what it really is.After the launch of the white and red color Nike KD 7, it once again to the new face of exposure. The back with beautiful orange shoes collocation grey midsole and liner details, followed by Zoom and Max in the bottom with fluorescent color bright decorative embellishment, so that the whole shoe has a very strong sense of visual impact. 1402615810697.jpeg (116.67 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-13 09:15 upload 1402615780392.jpeg (164.71 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-13 09:15 upload 1402615922948.jpeg (154.9 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-13 09:15 upload 1402615883234.jpg (132.08 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-13 09:15 upload Lining Wade, the 5 series designed for Dwayne · Wade and team building, synthetic leather, cloth material produced by uppers, and boots feet lock collocation, in the end by the Phylon equipped with Li Ningyun innovation and technology and TPU stable plate, finally with rubber outsole. item: ABAL049-12 001IzPVqzy76OQKk7Zk36& amp; 690.jpeg (111.99 KB; download times: 6) download attachment , Lining, Wade, whole city 5 (LI-NING, Wade, All, City, 5) 2016-12-2 upload at 10:09 001IzPVqzy76OQKlUMsd4& amp; 690.jpeg (121.81 KB; download times: 7) download attachment , Lining, Wade, whole city 5 (LI-NING, Wade, All, City, 5) 2016-12-2 upload at 10:09 001IzPVqzy76OQKrn7218& amp; 690.jpeg (163.72 KB; download times: 7) download attachment , Lining, Wade, whole city 5 (LI-NING, Wade, All, City, 5) 2016-12-2 upload at 10:09 001IzPVqzy76OQKuJRA9e& amp; 690.jpeg (112.13 KB; download times: 7) download attachment , Lining, Wade, whole city 5 (LI-NING, Wade, All, City, 5) 2016-12-2 upload at 10:09 001IzPVqzy76OQKw7Qga4& amp; 690.jpeg (124.36 KB; download times: 8) download attachment , Lining, Wade, whole city 5 (LI-NING, Wade, All, City, 5) 2016-12-2 upload at 10:09 001IzPVqzy76OQKpd3Y42& amp; 690.jpeg (82.7 KB, 0 next) shortly will be the first center Dwight Howard incurred under the command of, pick in the NBA player market once again resorted to a new action, on season beautiful duty basket "sixth man of the year award", the effect to the Los Angeles Lakers star guard Louis Williams became a member of the "Star" Olympic team of. Internet era, as an international sports brand, PEAK hope that through the star strategy, signed more American basketball star players, become the most influential basketball brand in the market. source: peakAbout Highsnobiety Highsnobiety, is, an, online, publication, covering, trends, and, news, in, fashion, art, music, and, culture, all, forthcoming, on, one, platform. Highsnobiety has steadily built a strong brand in the online fashion and lifestyle world. Today the blog and print magazine sit among the most visited global sources for inspiration in the areas of fashion, sneakers, music, art and lifestyle culture. Innovation, progression and always being several steps ahead of the curve are just some of the core values of Highsnobiety.This list is issued by the Yu Yu Art Museum in Shanghai. I stepped on it yesterday. 387 in the morning, 387 in the afternoon, and the list has come out. In addition, there are Lab158 registration yesterday, the list of shoes did not come out, WZK is pumping 500 people to the scene, eligible to continue drawing, the list also came out, it is estimated that one hundred or two hundred pairs. So my estimate, Shanghai sell more than 1000 pairs, and Beijing, Chengdu, it seems that dunk net can be found. Art Gallery kaws exhibition opens tomorrow, tickets are 150, kaws me too.??????air jordan hare C Chevy Truck fitflop electra sandals pewter Love ought to be put more in deeds than in words lt jordan hare C Chevy Truck" /〉 shoes for women for cheap Believe in fairy tales air jordan hare C Chevy Truck and MR.GENTLEMAN at the same time? Released a joint and a pair of shoes: Although this pair of shoes is not the product of a joint cooperation, but the sole is a pair of shoes to create the classic Slip-On limited shoes, the shoes will be exclusive to the STUMPTOWN sales. The body of the shoe to a named "Stingray" (sea harrier fish) fish as a source of inspiration, and thus named shoe body material: special toe and heel all used luxury Japanese stingray leather production, showing a delicate and very beautiful lines, central to the smooth leather collocation, overall showing a beautiful black. The sea harrier fish leather is solved in the shoes after wearing easily in the shoe body folded out of the inevitable defects, traces the toughness of the general sea harrier fish than the cortex. in addition, the sole use of the translucent crystal bottom, bottom through the bottom can vaguely see a black and white checkerboard pattern. The boxes are designed to make wooden packing with feeling, the traditional Chinese package, and write "sea harrier fish" "qualified products with" words and so on, especially with the collection value. This shoe is priced at 70000 yen, or about 3686 yuan. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! 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