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"A world famous ladies in the store price 3000 yuan, but in Hangzhou Yan'an Road, a mere hundred dollars can buy." April 28, received telephone complaints reader, "Today is 'World Intellectual Property Day' But this fake brand-name situation is still very rampant in Hangzhou. "April 28 afternoon, the reporter, accompanied by plainclothes law enforcement officers on the clothing market in Hangzhou part of the region conducted unannounced visits. Yan'an Road DIOR shirt sold about 70 yuan yesterday 13:00, reporters and law enforcement officers arrived at Yan'an Road, Hangzhou, Lung Fashion City. On the third floor of the women's department, reporters insight into a wide variety of "world famous." A shop owner told reporters, two days girlfriend birthday, she wanted for her to pick a designer jacket. Former female owner immediately went to a clothes hanger hung, clawed packed clothes, which remove a white T-shirt and pointing to his lapel tags saying: "This is DIOR and girls know this brand, custody she liked "reporter took this dress, found that many wrinkles on clothes, then asked:."? This brand very good, how are pushed into this is not really that way, "or female? the owner replied: "clothes is certainly true, but this is the foreign trade of goods, the backlog for some time, of course, some wrinkled but that's okay, go home and wash like to say, I only sell 70 yuan this dress. In Hangzhou Tower can sell a few thousand dollars! "Reporters later found almost all over the world well-known clothing brands can be found here. D & amp; G halter top $ 60, a $ 150 dress BCBG, VEROMODA as long as 60 yuan short-sleeved. But the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Tower, DIOR garments origin in France, their prices are generally more than 5,000 yuan to each; D & amp; G clothing as the origin in Italy, the price between 2,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan; BCBG, original origin in the United States, prices are more than 2000 yuan; relatively inexpensive VEROMO-DA, ONLY selling prices are around 300 yuan. "Name brand" price so low on the market, is clearly false. Lung Bridge "Nike" sneakers sell about 100 yuan 14:00, at Lung Bridge reporter met a middle-aged woman selling sneakers. She saw reporters wearing a pair of sneakers, then against the reporters around, quietly said:? "Sneakers not to 'Nike', 'Adidas', 'Puma' of all, the prices are favorable, more than one hundred . "to show their side of his mouth also wore a pair to reporters," Nike "shoes. "Is this, good, right?" The reporter then expressed interest to see, so the "Nike" wit cheap air jordans h a reporter arrived at the courtyard of a newborn on the way to the door. There is a young man sitting in the doorway, feet Alice, just the little doorway blocked positive, yard seventy-eight look strange men are playing cards. "Nike" come to the yard gate, to the young men sat, he said:. "To a pair of shoes." So the young men get out of the legs, the reporter through. A dyed blond hair about 30-year-old woman claiming to be the owner, with a reporter walked into a dark alley, and took a wooden staircase. In the third floor stairs, the boss stopped, opened a small door, now the reporters eyes is only about 10 square meters of a small house. The house of wooden floors, stacked with about 50 pairs of shoes, all kinds of sports. Boss picked up from the floor and a pair of reporters, said: "? This pair of Nike, as long as 160 yuan, you see how" reporter took the shoes and found that in addition to the printed "NIKE" few English on the upper outside, these shoes Nowhere else can see, there is no trademark Nike, no packaging. "This is fake it, what label did not." Reporter immediately asked the owner smiled and said: "! Is false, but also cheap ah this shoes are produced in Suzhou, but the quality is very good!" When he finished, She picked up the shoe in the hands of hard breaking. Reporters said that these things are not true, do not want. Boss changed the subject and told reporters laughed: "Never mind, we here have a lot sweatshirt, you see." So the reporters were taken to the other side of the hut, hung a dozen pieces of "Adidas" on hanger here, "Puma" sweatshirt, each asking price 90 yuan. Evergreen "Dunhill" was near the 15:00, Hangzhou Evergreen Garment market, the reporter was enthusiastic female owner of a clothing store attracted. She loudly to passers yelling: "look at it, we are here monopoly French brand Dunhill, look at it!" Into this area less than five square meters of shops, near the aisle in a row on display , respectively, showing the reporter saw eight new blouse. When the reporter saw the letters on the label, immediately discovered the mystery. The letters on T-shirt logo is "deahill", and authentic "Dunhill" dress should be "dunhill". See reporter seriously, the female owner seemed a little embarrassed, but she still stressed: "! You can look at these clothes fabrics, certainly not worse than the brand name, and a long 65 yuan more expensive ah", according to insiders revealed that in Evergreen clothing market, there are more than half of the shops are international brands as signs, but little real thing. Reporters saw in the market, only the famous Italian fashion brand Valentino was added about a dozen different suffixes, origin is different, not a statement. It is reported that this is because in recent years, relatively easy to sell Valentino's clothes, so many counterfeit. Which is also part of the manufacturers to play a "edge ball", to make some changes in the Italian Valentino brand of "V", based on the then registered a new trademark; but most businesses sell directly as Valentino, customers do not know the line is easy to be fooled. Shuguang Road "Shark" price makes difficult to understand about 16:00, the reporter went to the dawn of the road. In a store, female boss to reporters about the signs as "Shark" white shirt. She told reporters: "The clothes original 480 yuan, I only sell 360 yuan." Reporter said to her: '!' Sharks' price should be much higher than this, you are fake it, "the owner explained to reporters immediately said: "not a fake, is A cargo, is the regular manufacturers; however, the factory inspection found some flaws, so the price is extremely low." and went forward about 100 meters, the reporter has to find a men's clothing store. A former reporter pointed to a store and ask the price exactly the same T-shirt, the owner told reporters the price is 100 yuan. How separated by 100 m price difference so big? This is the name of the owner smiled and said: "Our goods are from Guangzhou, is not what the real thing, that store Xintai Hei it!"seventy's of the last century, the revolutionary Nike Air-Sole air began to emerge in the footwear products in Nike. In 1987, the Nike Air Max 1 in a transparent air cushion appeared on a heel, let this shoe lovers can feel the immediate Air-Sole comfort and see the Zhenrong. Since then, a new generation of Air Max Nike sports shoes with its eye-catching color combination, reliable performance and light shock effect, quickly became popular among athletes and collectors. Overwhelmed by the release of the Nike Air Max 90 Ultra. Still retained the original features: rubber fabric uppers, direct injection type single hearth bottom / outsole, followed by carrying visual nike air max starting point. The only difference is overwhelmed by the shoes added luminous design, in the dark is very cool, even Swoosh logo was according to the sparkling. If not in the night, the design of fluorescent green ink sole edge also seems to make the shoes look shiny. this shoe is currently only the European retail store shelves. shoe section information: Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Essential number: 819474-004image source: soleNike Sportswear will continue to carve Air Barkley series shoes next year, and the first is Nike Air Force Max. After Air Force officially stepped onto the stage, he began to be welcomed by a large number of players. The emergence of Charles Barkley, Air Force 1 again to a new height, since then, these shoes became a spiritual pioneer, it began to rise Hip-Hop culture. Air Force 1 stretches out a large number of branches, AFII, III, 180, and even after that, the classic Air Max Barkley at the foot of Charles CB2 is also derived from Air Force. This time, we see this new shoe body with gray matte leather as the main material, and vamp additional protective belt, provides a good protection effect. The compression of Air-sole units in the bottom part of the forefoot, and Max Air as the unit provides a good anti impact and protection. The addition of 3M, reflective Swoosh, and body wave points is also our noteworthy detail. New products ahead of sale at Rock City Kicks, like friends can pay attention to. , 2012-12-25, 08:53 upload, download attachments (205.76, KB), , 2009-2010 NBA regular season since November has started nearly two months time, in these two months you through all aspects of the report on the stars called the shoes also have a certain degree of understanding, but soon they will put on a series of new styles, such as today before us this pair of Nike Zoom Flip'N, will be the next main style, we believe that this pair of shoes from the appearance is not difficult to see that its inspiration is derived from the Air Max Pippen, the side shoe body retains the design wave type, but the sole part of the Air Max was replaced by Zoom Air, which is a direct change this pair of shoes are suitable position, of course from the view of color may we know it will be the jazz star point guard Deron Williams's latest endorsement given in the picture style, color will also appear in the recent Nike. In cabinet. download (95.36 KB)〈br 2010-1-10="" 10:15 download (72.22 KB)〈br 2010-1-10="" 10:15 download (78.52 KB)〈br 2010-1-10="" 10:15 download (62.04 KB)〈br 2010-1-10="" 10:15 download (68.36 KB)〈br 2010-1-10="" 10:15NBA finals are in full swing, at the same time, adidas for the 2016 season WNBA finals MVP Candace Parker and regular season MVP Nneka Owgumike launched Adidas Crazy Explosive PE "Champ Pack" champion suit. The set contains two pairs of black and white shoes, to create details of gold elements symbolizing the champion, with 2016 WNBA CHAMPS respectively, the tongue and the word "ACE". At present, the shoe has not yet released the information, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports.I'm sure you're not unfamiliar with recycling plastic bottles, but have you ever wondered where the plastic bottles have been recycled? Don't doubt, they've become part of the shoes after a gorgeous turn! Earthkeepers Radler Trail Low Approach Earthkeepers BareStep Trail Oxford men's series and Mesh Upper series is Ms. season guardian of earth flagship shoes made of 100% recycled PET mesh lining using recycled plastic bottles, not only environmentally friendly and more breathable. In addition, film EVA midsole provides all-weather comfortable wear, ultra light buffer with shock absorption function, Green Rubber material and excellent Gripstick grip together, to create a sole material of high performance and environmental protection, walking in the rock on the road for more comfort and gentle.No a Chicago photographer Anthony Souffle caught Adidas is for the upcoming new shoes to shoot, seemingly new shoes we have not yet seen. he said that when he was in the photo, the staff immediately came to stop him, because the new shoe has not been launched, the need to maintain a sense of mystery, and even a staff member to try to grab his camera to delete photos. Although the staff tried to stop, but the Anthony Souffle is to retain this piece not yet available shoes Adidas photos. so mysterious shoes, feeling good Oh, let us together to preview it! image source: soleRed, it can be said to be China's national colors, but also traditional oriental festive tone, whether it is the Chinese New Year holidays, birthdays, etc. birthday festival, wearing a red dress, should I Festival, distinguished elders also happy to see I laugh, I believe all of you will feel the same bar. For this "good start" color, it has the addition of a unique retro atmosphere of footwear choices. while the first adidas Originals launched a Super Star 80's LTHR Red, with 1-tone red tone shoes are all part of the expansion, even generalize shoelaces and soles, etc., and the classic adidas Originals Trefoil Logo golden places performance, I believe gold tone also festivals of "dotting" color bar, although not for what the East do not note to make, but such "red" color as the theme, you loyal shell toe fans may also wish to leave on a pair, the future will also You can be of much help. & nbsp; Source: freshnessmagThe recent two to Air item: 631693-100