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last April, Chinese Commission announced the "IPO and listing management approach", the company canceled the restructuring required a year counseling period requirement, companies listed on the audit procedures significantly accelerate the domestic stock market to restart the IPO (initial public offering) the door open. Since then, a large number of enterprises in Jinjiang eager to start, the pace of enterprise restructuring and listing significantly accelerated. previously, Jinjiang Fengzhu textile, Heng, Septwolves and other 6 enterprises in the domestic and foreign market. "this year, there will be 5 to 8 enterprises landing stock market, is expected by 2008, there will be about 10 enterprises listed."." Jinjiang listed Office Deputy Director Lin Yonghong told reporters, "currently active in Jinjiang listed intermediary institutions will be no less than 50."." "Anta sporting goods company" has entered the hearing period and will be listed on the Hongkong stock exchange this year." Jinjiang issued by the relevant sources told reporters. It is understood that, Anta's annual output growth rate of the previous two years were more than 45%. The listing of the amount of funds raised should be considerable, will provide huge funds for the next development of Anta. and export-oriented enterprises -- Jinjiang susino Limited by Share Ltd, but the choice of landing in the Shenzhen SME board market. most of these listed companies are chosen by the Shenzhen stock exchange small and medium board market. Lin Yonghong explained that this was determined cheap air jordans online by the characteristics of the enterprises in Jinjiang. Jinjiang's large-scale enterprises, mostly family management, enterprise size is small, more in line with the Shenzhen stock exchange small and medium-sized board market. at present, the new "company law" and the Securities Act have abolished the need for two issues of stock issuance at intervals of more than one year. The listed company will introduce strategic investors within 12 months before its release, which will facilitate the operation of the capital of Jinjiang's listed companies. In the way of capital operation, most of the companies in Jinjiang adopt the form of mutual participation. It is understood that Fengzhu Septwolves the two listed companies is susino shareholder of the company, but also with each other on kiss food shares behavior. the realistic choice of private enterprise development private enterprises and entrepreneurs in Jinjiang have created the "Jinjiang model" for the development of China's private economy". However, in the capital market, Jinjiang has not made much progress, there are only 6 listed companies. Compared with the economic strength of Jinjiang, the number of Listed Companies in Jinjiang is obviously insufficient. it is understood that, at present, Jinjiang)Copy the 96 classic color, the new Reebok Blast. Adults and children are black shoes size blue and white collocation details, the adult version of selected Nubuc mesh fabric collocation tongue production, children's version to create smooth leather shoes and tongue. Official release in November 25th. Bb foamposites for cheap sImg14163651551787_1003_649.jpg (27.65 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Blast black blue and white color 2014-11-19 10:52 upload BbsImg141636516194094_1099_746.jpg (39.94 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Blast black blue and white color 2014-11-19 10:52 upload BbsImg141636516692865_1071_719.jpg (39.44 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Blast black blue and white color 2014-11-19 10:52 upload 00today to introduce the protagonist of the shoe section of the domestic brand PEAK player version of shoes - Team Attitude PE PEAK. This pair of shoes by the vast number of fans called the "big triangle" of the charm of the shoes what is it? first, the designer of this shoe is the position of the front of the shoe is a swing person. The "triangle" was launched earlier signed with Michael. Mickael Pietrus (Chinese nickname "Pipilu") and Jason. Richardson, considering that two people are front swing, style is quite consistent, then take the more conservative to help design, and for the start of the shoes named MP1. Secondly with the "Pipilu" gradually fade out the career, and due to the Pacers this year's excellent play, once to the Eastern Conference finals, and walkers on the George & middot; hill is this pair of boots as he finished the season nba shoes, so shoes in the 2013-14 season of exposure rate is very high. first "Pipilu" in so exactly said that the first shoe it should be regarded as one of the Team PEAK shoes, in my opinion represents a peak at that time PEAK basketball shoes design. Shoes with high-quality synthetic leather made, the unique chara air jordan 11 space jam for sale cteristics of the Olympic triangle logo, give people a strong visual impact, (perhaps, some people also hate so much peak logo, the our benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom) toe elastic ejected material in the can to a certain extent the forefoot of the package, also blocked the way of bending of leather material, the toe has maintained a streamline shape and create eye-catching appearance of fashion shoes! In the design of the shoe is to strengthen the package of shoes. Bottom technology is used in the peak headed the cushioning, three stage slow shock TPU module extension to the arch can to resist torsion, enhance the stability of the role, and then with the very shape of TPU stability structure is dazzling place. The use of the large end NON-MARKING seamless wear rubber and wavy lines, in line with the actual situation of the needs of the actual situation. specific information can refer to a dunk shoes shoes file: but over the years since the peak of the products are facing an awkward situation, headed the science and technology level of cushioning this follows years of science and technology has been gradually catch up with the times trend and Juegan called excellent, followed by peak shoes in permeability baking really do is not satisfactory. Again through the following planform we can be clear at a glance, that is, we want to relax or to changing his shoes and belt, lace front triangle design have lacing hole to the shelter out of the, it will cause the user a lot of trouble. Followed by the size of the problem is not half the size of the design will allow indiv Cheap foamposites for sale idual users. but the relative price of 499 yuan (now fold after the price of about 300) of such a shoe, these defects are really not what. Vamp material is good, comfortable inside the shoe design, color appearance, colorful color and so on all enough to ensure your field actual demand.10.Deep recently for the autumn and winter this year for the new series VCTRY release "Group". This season the New York brand launched the re interpretation of the classic theme and international sports items. Lightweight windproof clothing, even cap jackets, pullovers, Hoodie and sweatpants all maintained movement style, also presents the flag, and a series of international sports theme consistent form. The bright orange and dark blue, grey and white and other miscellaneous embellishment in pastel shades on. The VCTRY series is coming to the fall of 2015 brand online store, at the same time can enjoy the 10.Deep 2015 winter series first wave. source: HYPEBEASTthis year's champion Andrew Wiggins will tonight star challenge wear this pair of new Crazylight Boost 2015. Low to help design, integration of the Primeknit technology and the Boost technology and heel heel heel, is expected to be officially available for sale in the summer of 2015. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! 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Covers news, celebrity brand shoes, music, art, film, hot spots of the latest developments, if you don't want to miss the big trend in the circle, will be sure to pay attention to, of course, we can more interaction with us in the comments and opinions! must have many people (including small I) in this era of superstar Kobe retired as its tears, this in twenty-first Century has improved the rules of the NBA court had won a single game with 81 points of the "devil" is unprecedented. Michael Jordan is in the occasion of his retirement to black white two AirJordan kits, including from one generation to the 30 generation of shoes are all! This suit is placed in the Sneaker ring appears to be unprecedented, and the black suit is in the last year in the eBay auction and eventually to 24 000 $100 auction price drop, amounting to more than 1 million 500 thousand yuan! And another one has recently appeared in the HeritageAuctions auction, the size is Peter Kobe himself in the US14, the auction will be held on May 22nd and June 11th as starting, I do not know this time the auction price will soar to what price? earlier Supreme officially announced the joint shoes official pictures of speculation in the design and details as early as before, a version of the AirMoreUptempo choice of high-grade leather and nubuck leather with custom uppers, soles is still Air-Sole air sole. The most noteworthy is the joint marks on both sides of the large AIR were replaced with reflective property "SUPREME"! It is reported that SupremexNikeAirMoreUptempo branded shoes today has been sold out in the US and Europe, then landed in Japan on the 29 day, the domestic area of sale is in May 1st, NikeLabX158, NikeLabDSMPEK and NikeLabPS7 three stores will offer the heavy price of $1299RMB group. Specific offer details, we can pay attention to the official NikeLab micro signal! NikeLabDSMPEK , north of Beijing, Sanlitun, I.TBeijingMarket NikeLabX158, Xinle Road, 158 Shanghai, Jingan District, Hongkong, 7 Baisha Road, Tongluowan, now, more and more around sports will be regarded as a trendsetter in AppleWatch street, especially when sharing bikes have also begun to pop up after recording their travel information or motion trajectory in the wrist, seems to have become a fan of the faith. Like in the traditional watch industry, many people will collect several different styles and materials of the band, with mood and clothes to make the same day with the decision, and in recent years has become a new retro trend. Earlier A〉 you should know Kobe just joined the Union in wearing Adidas sneakers, but later due to contract issues, Bryant had no choice to wear adidas shoes, but because the adidas contract requirements, after the contract can not be long-term fixed wearing a brand of shoes, so the following this scene is Kobe & middot. 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When passengers identified fiery line, to support the fight against fake ma!!! source: soleAfter a number of cases of doping scandals after the famous German sports brand Adidas recently said they would end the team's sponsorship contract with Telecom in late 2008. Adidas said in 2008 when the contract expires, they will not be a continuation of the contract. Moreover, they added that they are looking for a straightforward way to end partnership. & quot; This week the decision has been notified to the telecommunications team official. & Quot; Adidas said in a statement, & quot; the decision was made a few days recently. & Quot; Adidas also mentioned now at the cusp of the former Telecom rider Patrick - Stewart Cink Horowitz. Cink Horowitz during the Tour de France this year, the team was fired, the result of a random drug test he failed in training. 27-year-old Sinclair Horowitz appeared two weeks ago in the German Cycling Union, hoping for his two-year suspension period commuted. He also admitted that from 2003 started taking EPO. & quot; Adidas condemns doping in any form. We always adhere to this principle: if someone is using illegal drugs, we will end the partnership with them immediately. & Quot; the German company stressed. but still full of doubt in the telecommunications Group. From 1990 onwards they began sponsoring the Deutsche Telekom team, and still retains the team's main sponsor relations. Each year, the group invested in funds convoy reached 10 million euros. But before 2006 Tour de France champion Jan Ullrich Spanish police on suspicion of & quot; Port Operations & quot; gave the team brought a heavy blow. With several former rider of the team earlier this year, he has admitted to using EPO, the main sponsor of the team and their relationship has further been destroyed. Ukrainian rider Richard Henry because abnormal blood test results in June were fired fleet. Sinclair Horowitz event also allows Deutsche Telekom threat ended with the team's sponsorship.